How much difference will the power generation efficiency of the power generation glass roof photovoltaic system under different climatic conditions

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There are significant differences in the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic systems under different climatic conditions, which are mainly affected by temperature, irradiance, wind speed and other climatic factors.



Temperature is one of the important factors affecting the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic modules. The efficiency of photovoltaic cells will decrease with the increase of temperature, especially in high temperature environment. However, cadmium telluride thin film photovoltaic cells show excellent adaptability to high temperature environments, and even in the summer when the temperature is rising, the rate of decline in power generation efficiency is relatively slow.



The amount of power generated by a photovoltaic system is closely related to solar irradiance. Under high irradiance conditions, photovoltaic cells are able to absorb more light energy and produce more electricity. However, high irradiance may also cause module temperatures to rise, affecting efficiency.


03Wind speed

The influence of wind speed on photovoltaic system is complex. In some cases, higher wind speed can improve the cooling effect of photovoltaic cells, reduce the temperature, and thus improve efficiency.


04Seasonal and diurnal changes

Seasonal changes will affect the incidence angle and sunshine duration of the sun, thus affecting the power generation of the photovoltaic system. For example, in summer, when there is longer sunshine, the power generation of photovoltaic systems is usually higher than that in winter.


05Precipitation and humidity

Precipitation can clean the surface of the photovoltaic panel and improve the light transmittance, while the change of humidity may affect the surface temperature and heat dissipation efficiency of the photovoltaic panel.


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