Shenzhen Railway Group North Station Hub Supporting Building Near Zero Carbon Emission Building Pilot

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Recently, the Shenzhen Railway Group North Station Hub supporting building near zero carbon emission building pilot won the 2023 Shenzhen Municipal Pollution Control and Cleaning Project Excellent Project, further injecting new production momentum into the green and low-carbon transformation and development.

As the first "near zero carbon" emission demonstration construction project of Shenzhen rail transit, the pilot project of the near zero carbon emission construction of the north station hub supporting building is mainly adopted.Clean energy, intelligent environmental control, intelligent lighting technologyAs the main focus of near-zero carbon, we will further achieve carbon reduction by improving the energy environment and management system of the supporting buildings of Shenzhen North Station.40%Renewable energy utilization rate is not lower8%The goal is to implement the requirements of ecological civilization construction and the national "double carbon" strategic goal with practical actions, so as to inject new momentum and shape new advantages for Shenzhen's high-quality development.

In order to achieve the overall goal of the near-zero carbon pilot project, the photovoltaic green energy project in the form of photovoltaic energy storage to help achieve near-zero carbon, photovoltaic adoption.BAPV BIPV (photovoltaic construction integration) method3.54MWp distributed photovoltaic is set up in the supporting building of Shenzhen North Station, mainly using"Spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity online"The total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation equipment reaches 3217.8kWp, which can achieve annual power generation.2.972 million degreesCarbon dioxide emission reduction1340.99 tons/yearSulfide emission reduction89.16 tons/year

In addition, a 500kW/1MWh container energy storage system has been added to the project, and the "overcharge" station of Shenzhen North Railway Station has been built. This innovative measure not only improves the sustainable utilization rate of energy, but also provides strong support for the popularization of new energy vehicles, helping Shenzhen to build a green travel demonstration city.

In order to diversify the recent zero-carbon demonstration scenes, Shenzhen Railway Group selected the roofs of supporting buildings A1, B1b, C1 and D1 of Shenzhen North Railway Station and the corridors of the east and west squares for photovoltaic construction respectively. The aluminum modeling area around the roofs of the four buildings was paved with monocrystalline silicon components, further realizing the recycling of resource utilization, low carbonization of energy consumption and green product supply, and injecting new kinetic energy into the low-carbon development of green energy.

According to statistics

The daily electricity consumption of Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub is about90000 degrees

After the distributed photovoltaic green energy project is put into operation

Average daily power generation10000 degrees

New results of green development

Continuously stimulate new qualitative productivity

In order to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system and realize the near-zero carbon pilot target, Shenzhen Railway Group has carried out a comprehensive upgrade and transformation of the intelligent environmental control system of the North Station hub, using advanced intelligent environmental control technology to monitor key environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity in real time, and improving the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system by replacing high-efficiency refrigeration equipment, increasing frequency conversion control of water pump fans, wind and water linkage between the terminal and the machine room, and the machine room, and the Internet of networking technology, further reduce air-conditioning energy consumption and building carbon emissions, solidly promote the construction of "science and technology deep railway", and continue to enhance the potential and stamina for the development of new quality productivity.

The supporting buildings of the North Station Hub involve 3 sets of centralized air conditioning systems, whose energy consumption accounts for 40% to 60% of the energy consumption of the public area of the building. On the premise of meeting the requirements of end comfort, the transformed East-West Plaza air conditioning system can achieve an overall energy saving rate of more than 36.7, with an annual electricity consumption saving target of about 5.34 million kWh, effectively realizing energy saving and consumption reduction, safe and stable operation of the centralized air conditioning system, and promoting the integration of green productivity into modern life, thick plant high-quality development of green background color.

In order to promote resource conservation and intensive recycling, with green low carbon to help new quality productivity to create new advantages, Shenzhen Railway Group for the north station hub east-west square parking garage lighting system transformation, through.High luminous efficiency lamp replacement, intelligent induction controlSuch as the use of brightness stepless adjustment, to achieve the garage lighting system on-demand adjustment of brightness, to avoid excessive lighting and manual control switch to bring the waste of electricity, reduce the garage lighting electricity, thereby reducing building carbon emissions.

After implementation of smart lighting system path

North Station Hub Lighting System

Annual power savings in1.1 million -1.2 million degreesBetween

Accelerate the formation of green low-carbon industrial structure

New industrial advantages to help high-quality development


In the future, Shenzhen Railway Group will solidly promote the inherent requirements and important focus of high-quality development, accelerate the transformation of energy technology, intelligence, and green with new quality productivity, summarize and form a sustainable and feasible long-term economic operation mechanism, and go all out to provide society with practical experience that can be used for reference, replicated, and promoted.


Source: Building carbon neutral

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