Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Sihai Kindergarten

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Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Sihai Kindergarten


Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Sihai Kindergarten is currently the largest ultra-low energy steel structure green kindergarten that has been put into use in China. It has also obtained the German Passive House Institute (PHI) passive house certification and green building three-star certification.


The total construction area of the project is 8795.01 square meters. The ultra-low energy consumption demonstration area includes children's activities and auxiliary rooms, office and auxiliary rooms, living rooms, etc., with an area of 7718.58 square meters. The kindergarten has a 21-class system (30 students per class) and a total of 630 students.


Economic comfort, energy saving and emission reduction are the characteristics and highlights of this kindergarten. Since the project was put into use in 2019, the average operating cost is about 135000 yuan/year, which is more than 60% less than that of ordinary kindergartens of the same size (about 358600 yuan/year). In addition, the project reduces electricity consumption by about 100000 kWh per year and eliminates the need for municipal thermal heating, reducing carbon emissions by 290 tons per year. Energy consumption is reduced by more than 60% relative to the national standard, realizing energy saving and emission reduction in the whole process from construction to use.


Live more comfortable, spend on heating, insulation costs are greatly reduced, such a good thing is how to come?


First of all, the appearance of the project adopts the design of large-span arc window with high thermal insulation and good air tightness in summer, and uses high-efficiency heat recovery fresh air system, ground source heat pump and solar energy and other renewable energy sources to improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning equipment and reduce the demand for building heating and cooling to the greatest extent;


Secondly, the low-voltage power line carrier technology of BIM 3D operation and maintenance management platform is built to realize the intelligent energy-saving operation of the building;


In addition, the application of green building technology (three-star green building logo), green construction technology and steel structure assembly technology will run through the whole process of ultra-low energy consumption from building construction to use.

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