Hebei: Carry out new energy construction pilot in the development zone, including new scenarios such as BIPV and zero-carbon plants

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Recently, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued 《Development Zone Distributed New Energy High Quality Development Promotion Scheme(Draft for Comments), the document proposes:


1. overall goal

In 2024, a number of development zones with rich industrial and commercial roofs, idle open space resources and better power consumption capacity will be launched,Carry out distributed new energy construction pilot, and strive to add more than 1 million kilowatts of roof distributed photovoltaic and decentralized wind power installed capacity, innovative demonstration projects 30;

2025, on the basis of the first batch of pilot projects, sum up experience and start a batch of pilot projects again,Strive to add more than 2 million kilowatts of rooftop distributed photovoltaic and decentralized wind power installed capacity and 60 innovative demonstration projects.;

In 2026, we will comprehensively promote the construction of distributed new energy in the province's remaining development zones above the provincial level,Strive to reach more than 90% coverage by 2030.

2. development mode

1. Overall propulsion mode. After obtaining the consent of the property right party, the overall promotion mode led by the management committee of the development zone can be adopted, the integration of resources and the optimization of investment cooperation objects can be promoted on a large scale. The overall promotion model should select development enterprises through open competition procedures, and the projects under construction and already submitted for installation will continue to be developed by the original development enterprises.

2. Joint development model. Support energy enterprises registered as legal entities in the development zone to participate in project construction, and encourage all kinds of energy enterprises to cooperate with equipment manufacturing and other enterprises with roofs, idle space and load resources.

3. Independent development mode. Own the roof, idle open space and load resources of the main body of the enterprise independent development.

3. Application Scenarios

1. Green can be replaced by energy. That is, the use of traditional power enterprises to use their own roofs, idle open space development and construction of distributed new energy, improve the proportion of end-use energy green power projects. In principle, the proportion of power generation of distributed new energy projects is not higher than 80% of electricity consumption.

2. Implementation of green transport. That is, the development zone or enterprises in the zone provide power services for the transportation facilities using new energy through the construction of distributed new energy. In principle, the total power generation of the project is not higher than twice the current total power consumption.

3. Carry out zero carbon plant construction. Based on the electricity load of the same enterprise subject, it is encouraged to use its own plant roof and idle land to develop and build distributed new energy, realize complete energy substitution, and build a zero-carbon plant demonstration project with green electricity as the main body.

4. Carry out the construction of zero carbon industrial park. The zero-carbon industrial park project is a project based on the energy demand of all loads in the development zone or the unified incremental distribution network area composed of different enterprise entities, and the corresponding new energy scale is allocated.

5. Construction of park-level source network, load and storage integration project. The collection of distributed new energy resources in the park will provide new energy power services for new load projects such as electricity consumption that has not been reported to power grid enterprises, and electricity consumption that has been reported to be installed but the power supply project has not yet started, so as to improve the level of local consumption of distributed new energy.

4. support policy

Break through the roof distributed photovoltaic scale limit

Roof distributed photovoltaics built on the roofs of fixed buildings and their ancillary sites of enterprises in the development zone shall not be limited by the size of a single unit (the property rights of roof resources in the whole province are clear and the distributed photovoltaics on the roofs that have been built and have obtained land use authority in accordance with the law shall be implemented with reference).

Optimizing Distributed New Energy Management Program

Development zone roof distributed photovoltaic, unified delegated to the county administrative examination and approval department for the record(The property right of roof resources in the whole province is clear, and the completed roof distributed photovoltaic with land use authority obtained according to law shall be implemented by reference); Decentralized wind power projects built within the approved area of the development zone, projects with a single scale of no more than 50000 kilowatts and a commitment letter issued by the county-level energy authority (see annex for the template) shall be delegated to the county-level administrative examination and approval department for approval. Projects of multiple plants and the same development subject can be bundled.

Optimize open capacity management

New distributed new energy projects in development zones, pilot development zones with open capacity, open capacityThe project exempts the allocation of energy storage responsibility; For pilot development zones with no open capacity or distributed new energy projects outside the scope of open capacity, a certain proportion of energy storage facilities (energy storage facilities need to be committed to participate in peak shaving) shall be configured or leased with reference to the management requirements of the 2023 guaranteed grid-connected project and the construction standard, and shall not be subject to the limit of open capacity.

Speed up the digital intelligent transformation and upgrading of distribution network

Focusing on the high-quality development of distributed new energy in the development zone, we will strengthen overall planning, strengthen analysis and research on power grid consumption, coordinate regional load levels, plan distribution points in advance, speed up the construction, transformation and intelligent upgrading of distribution networks, improve the carrying capacity and flexibility of distribution networks, and effectively meet the development needs of distributed new energy in pilot development zones.

Multiple ways to support market consumption

Each development zone should actively guide distributed new energy projects to select "full self-use", "self-use, surplus electricity online", "contract energy management" and other modes based on the energy consumption level and load characteristics of the park or factory, and give priority to supporting the construction of projects with full self-use and adjustable capacity load.

Distributed photovoltaic projects are encouraged to assemble time-sharing metering equipment, settle according to peak electricity prices during peak hours of the system, and settle according to undervalued electricity prices during trough hours, so as to reasonably reflect the value of time-sharing power generation.Support distributed PV projects to participate in green power transactions in an independent or aggregated manner and to be dissipated in a market-based manner..

5. Pilot Requirements

The first batch of no more than 1~2 development zones will be selected by all cities to apply for pilot projects, and the pilot construction plan will be submitted to our Committee before June 31. The development zone that declares to carry out distributed new energy pilot projects shall meet the following conditions:

1. It has rich industrial and commercial roofs, idle open space resources in the plant area and good power consumption capacity, which is conducive to the large-scale development of distributed photovoltaic and decentralized wind power.

2. The management committee of the development zone and the settled enterprises have a high enthusiasm for development and utilization, and have the conditions to integrate the resources of all parties.

3. Innovative and exemplary, including but not limited to advanced technology andNew models and scenarios such as optical storage direct soft, photovoltaic building integration, and encourage the construction of new digital intelligent power systems, zero-carbon factories and zero-carbon industrial parks..

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