Photovoltaic Policy Update 2024: Renewable Energy Subsidies

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2024, the state and various localities have introduced the latest photovoltaic policies, these policies have aboutRenewable energyThe content of the subsidy. They have injected new vitality into the cause of environmental protection, provided financial support for enterprises, and will promote the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry. Next, let's look at it together.Latest Photovoltaic Policy in 2024: RenewableEnergy subsidiesThe details of.

Serial Number Region Department Policy Documents Key Points
1 Beijing Beijing Development and Reform Commission Notice on Carrying out the Declaration of Municipal Financial Subsidies for Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects The monitoring system shall be installed for the projects of legal entities above 500 kW and connected to the Beijing New Energy and Renewable Energy Monitoring Platform
2 Sichuan Province Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology Notice on Issuing the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Policies and Measures for Optimizing Energy Structure and Promoting Urban Green and Low-carbon Development in Chengdu (for Trial Implementation) Support distributed photovoltaic pilot demonstration, according to the installed capacity to give a maximum of 3 million yuan, according to the power generation to give a maximum of 10 million yuan subsidy to the green power hydrogen production project urban two-level linkage to give 0.15-0.2 yuan/kWh of electricity support. Encourage the demonstration of hydrogen energy application in various fields. For the construction and operation of hydrogen refueling stations, a subsidy of up to 15 million yuan will be given to investment enterprises according to installed capacity. For new or rebuilt distributed photovoltaic projects, a subsidy of up to 0.3 yuan will be given, with a maximum of 500000 yuan for a single project and a maximum of 3 million yuan for the same enterprise.
3 Zhejiang Province Zhuji Municipal Bureau of Development and Reform "November 2023 Distribution Photovoltaic Power Generation Policy Award and Supplement Announcement" In November 2023, Zhejiang Zhuji plans to enjoy the policy of 14 non-natural persons and 180 natural persons, with a total of 136553 yuan to be cashed in the policy award. According to the subsidy amount and power generation, the subsidy standard for distributed photovoltaic projects, whether natural or non-natural persons, is 0.2 yuan/kWh.
4 Foshan City, Guangdong Province Foshan Nanhai District Development and Reform Bureau Notice on Extending the Declaration of Subsidy Funds for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in 2022 As some users still failed to declare the subsidy funds for the 2022 distributed photovoltaic power generation project in time, the Nanhai District Development and Reform Bureau decided to extend the declaration time, and the online declaration time for users was extended to February 9, 2024. Failure to submit information on the support system within the time limit was deemed to be a waiver of the subsidy application for the year.
5 Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Shenzhen Yantian District Housing and Construction Bureau Announcement on Soliciting Suggestions from the Public on "Special Support Measures for the Development of Green Buildings and Prefabricated Buildings in Yantian District (Draft for Comment)" New green building completion identification project: obtain high-star green building evaluation identification project, according to the construction area, the national two-star or Shenzhen gold-grade project will be subsidized by 30 yuan per square meter: the national three-star or Shenzhen platinum-grade project will be subsidized by 60 yuan per square meter. Among them, the national two-star or Shenzhen gold-grade project funding limit is 1 million yuan, the national three-star or Shenzhen platinum-grade project funding limit is 2 million yuan and the funding amount does not exceed the 3% of the construction and installation project cost.
6 Shanghai Shanghai Development and Reform Commission Notice on doing a good job in the declaration and allocation of funds for special funds for renewable energy and new energy in 2024 Strengthen the information management of projects and funds. Resident distributed photovoltaic will be declared online by power supply companies. Other types of projects will be declared online by investors. The Development and Reform Commission of each district shall notify the project units that meet the declaration requirements and provide services in place. Together with power grid enterprises, it shall strengthen the examination of key information such as project type, reward intensity and grid connection time. Key projects such as offshore wind power, photovoltaic power station and photovoltaic building integration shall be confirmed on site.
7 Zhejiang Province Dongyang Municipal People's Government Announcement on Soliciting Public Comments on the Implementation Opinions of Dongyang City to Support the Development of Distributed Photovoltaic and New Energy Storage Adjust the photovoltaic subsidy standard. For photovoltaic power generation projects completed between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2025, which conform to the block planning and technical specifications and are included in the municipal low-carbon database, subsidies will be given at 0.1 yuan/kWh according to the actual power generation, with subsidies for 3 consecutive years and once a year.
8 Anhui Province Anhui Department of Finance Notice on Issuing the Measures for the Administration of the Use of Policy Funds for the Construction of a Strong Manufacturing Province in Anhui Province The construction funds of a strong manufacturing province focus on supporting the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the development of the industrial Internet, the construction of China Sound Valley, the "three firms and one guarantee" advanced photovoltaic and new energy storage industries, the construction of advanced manufacturing clusters and key industrial chains, and the provincial party committee, Key tasks arranged by the provincial government, etc.
9 Anhui Province People's Government of Anhui Province Notice on several policy initiatives to consolidate and enhance the economic recovery The government will arrange special funds to support the construction of advanced photovoltaic and new energy storage industry clusters to coordinate the digital transformation of the provincial manufacturing industry and other policy funds, and give newly recognized national and world-class advanced manufacturing clusters 10 million yuan and provincial advanced manufacturing clusters 5 million yuan subsidies to support industrial science and technology innovation entity projects of cluster enterprises and the construction of public service platforms.
10 Anhui Province Maanshan Development and Reform Commission Announcement on Soliciting Opinions and Suggestions on the Implementation Plan for Comprehensively Promoting the Large-scale Development of Roof Distributed Photovoltaic (Revised Draft) The policy of electricity price subsidy will be implemented. For the household distributed photovoltaic power stations connected to the grid in 2023, the actual power generation in the following year after the project is connected to the grid will be subsidized according to the standard of 0.2 yuan/kwh. For the household distributed photovoltaic power stations connected to the grid in 2024, the actual power generation in the following year after the project is connected to the grid will be subsidized according to the standard of 0.1 yuan/kwh: from 2025 onwards, the household distributed photovoltaic power plants connected to the grid will not be subsidized to fully implement the energy use deduction policy, and the new renewable energy power consumption during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period compared with the previous year will not be included in the assessment of the total local energy consumption.
11 Anhui Province Hefei Urban and Rural Construction Bureau Notice on Carrying out the Application of Funds for Supporting the Transformation and Upgrading of Intelligent Construction and the Renovation of Existing Buildings and Green Buildings and Building Energy Efficiency Awards in 2023 In terms of green buildings and building energy conservation, for newly-built civil buildings that meet the standards of ultra-low energy consumption buildings, near zero energy consumption buildings and three-star green buildings from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, the maximum reward shall not exceed 3 million yuan according to the standards of 100 yuan/㎡, 150 yuan/㎡ and 50 yuan/m respectively according to the construction area
12 Zhejiang Province Hangzhou Fuyang District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology Announcement on the Proposed Subsidy Funds for Non-Resident Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in Fuyang District in 2024 This time, 8 projects of 8 enterprises in Fuyang District meet the subsidy conditions. The 8 projects of 393408 yuan to be subsidized are all industrial and commercial distributed light with a total capacity of 4.66MW, and the power generation during the declaration period is 1967040 kW
13 Zhejiang Province Yuyao Development and Reform Bureau Notice on Organizing the Application of Funding Subsidies for Roof Photovoltaic Projects of Public Buildings in Yuyao City in 2023 For roof photovoltaic projects of public buildings with installed capacity of 100 kW or more approved for filing in 2023, a one-time subsidy of 0.3 yuan/watt will be given according to the grid-connected capacity after grid-connected acceptance, and a single project will not exceed 150000 yuan.
14 Zhejiang Province Zhoushan Putuo District People's Government Notice on Continuing the Measures for the Implementation and Management of the Special Funds for the Development of Clean Energy Industry in Putuo District of Zhoushan City These Measures arrange special funds for the development of clean energy industry not exceeding 4 million yuan to support the construction of photovoltaic energy and hydrogen energy demonstration applications in the implementation plan of low-carbon pilot counties.

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