The National Energy Administration issued the "2024 energy work guidance" to consolidate and expand the good development trend of wind power photovoltaic

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recently,National Energy AdministrationIssued a notice on the issuance of the 2024 Energy Work Guidance. The Circular points out that we will continue to consolidate the foundation of energy security and vigorously promote the high-quality development of non-fossil energy. Consolidate and expand the good development trend of wind power photovoltaic. Steadily promote the construction of large-scale wind power photovoltaic base, and orderly promote the completion and commissioning of the project. Coordinate and optimize the layout of offshore wind power, promote the construction of offshore wind power bases, and steadily and orderly promote the development of offshore wind power to the far shore of deep water. Do a good job in the national photothermal power generation planning layout, and continue to promote the large-scale development of photothermal power generation. According to local conditions to accelerate the promotion of decentralized wind power,distributed photovoltaicIn the development of power generation, we should organize and implement the "action of controlling wind in thousands of townships and villages" and "action of soaking light in thousands of households" in areas where conditions are available ". To carry out the national wind and solar power resources survey pilot work.

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Notice of the National Energy Administration on Issuing the Guiding Opinions on Energy Work in 2024

National Energy Development Planning [2024] No. 22

Energy bureaus of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), development and Reform Commission of relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, China National Nuclear Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, China Huaneng, China Datang, China Huadian, State Power Investment, China Three Gorges Group, State Energy Group, SDIC, China Resources Group, China Coal Group, CGN:

In order to thoroughly implement the relevant decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, do a solid job in energy work in 2024, and continue to promote high-quality energy development, our bureau has researched and formulated the "Guiding Opinions on Energy Work in 2024", which are hereby issued to you. Please carry out the work according to the actual situation and inform our bureau (development planning department) of the implementation before the end of December 2024.

National Energy Administration

18 March 2024


Energy Work Guidance 2024

2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 10th anniversary of the in-depth implementation of the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation", and the key year to complete the objectives and tasks of the 14th five-year Plan. It is very important to do a good job in energy work throughout the year. In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, continue to promote energy green and low-carbon transformation and high-quality development, and ensure energy security, these opinions are formulated.

I. General Requirements

(I) Guiding Ideology

Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress, thoroughly implement the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference and the government work report, adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, complete, accurate and comprehensive Implementation of the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, in-depth implementation of the new energy security strategy, and better coordinate development and security, handle the relationship between new energy and traditional energy, overall and local, energy development and conservation and utilization, focus on improving energy security capabilities, focus on promoting energy green and low-carbon transformation, focus on deepening energy reform and innovation, focus on improving the level of international energy cooperation, and accelerate planning Build a new energy system to provide safe and reliable energy guarantee for Chinese-style modernization.

(II) Basic principles

We will continue to give top priority to ensuring national energy security. Continue to consolidate the "stable and reliable power, oil and gas bottom line can be guaranteed, coal ballast bottom, new energy high-quality jump" good situation. Maintain reasonable flexibility in energy production capacity, strengthen reserve capacity building, adhere to the bottom line of safe production, effectively respond to energy security risks and challenges, and ensure economic and social development and the people's demand for energy for a better life.

We will continue to actively and vigorously promote the green and low-carbon transformation of energy. Deeply practice the concept of ecological priority and green development, unswervingly implement the dual-carbon goal, grasp the rhythm and intensity, focus on strengthening the coordination of supply and demand, strengthen system consumption, and maintain the momentum of high-quality and rapid development of clean energy.

Insist on relying on scientific and technological innovation to enhance the development of new momentum. In-depth implementation of energy technology and equipment to make up for shortcomings, forge long boards, and expand new boards, strengthen joint research on key core technologies, and strengthen the international competitiveness of the advantageous energy industry. Strengthen the transformation and application of scientific research results, and promote the development of new quality productivity.

Insist on deepening reform and opening up to stimulate development vitality. We will further promote the reform of systems and mechanisms in key areas and key links, continue to promote the construction of a unified national electricity market system, deepen the reform of the oil and gas market system, and continuously improve the efficiency of energy governance. We will promote international energy cooperation in a pragmatic manner, expand high-level opening up to the outside world, and actively participate in global energy governance.

(III) Main Objectives

The supply guarantee capacity has been continuously enhanced. The total national energy production reached about 4.98 billion tons of standard coal. Coal production increased steadily, crude oil production stabilized at more than 0.2 billion tons, natural gas to maintain a rapid production trend. The installed power generation capacity has reached about 3.17 billion kilowatts, and the power generation capacity has reached about 9.96 trillion kilowatt-hours. The transmission capacity of the "West-to-East Power Transmission" has continued to increase.

The energy structure is continuously optimized. The proportion of non-fossil energy power generation capacity increased to about 55%. Wind power and solar power generation accounted for more than 17% of the country's electricity generation. Natural gas consumption has increased steadily, the proportion of non-fossil energy in total energy consumption has increased to about 18.9, and the proportion of terminal electricity consumption has continued to increase.

Quality efficiency has been steadily improved. New achievements have been made in the clean and efficient development and utilization of energy. Coal power "three-change linkage" continued to advance. The average utilization hours of trans-provincial and trans-regional transmission channels are in a reasonable range. Promote the continuous development of clean heating in the northern region. New progress has been made in the application of scientific and technological innovations.

Second, continue to consolidate the foundation of energy security

Taking energy security as the cornerstone of high-quality development, we will continue to consolidate and increase oil and gas production, maintain a reasonable margin of coal production capacity, increase strategic reserves and adjustment capacity, strengthen regional coordination, and build a solid foundation for energy security.

Strengthen the security of fossil energy. In-depth study and implementation of the development strategy of medium-and long-term oil and gas storage and production. Increase oil and gas exploration and development efforts, promote stable production of old oil fields, speed up the construction of new areas, and strengthen the construction of oil and gas production capacity in key areas of "two deep and one non-stable. Promote the upgrading of oil refining projects in an orderly manner. Accelerate the construction of gas storage facilities, and promote the storage tank project of underground gas storage and coastal liquefied natural gas receiving stations. Strengthen the protection of oil and gas pipelines. Release advanced coal production capacity in an orderly manner, promote the construction of approved projects as soon as possible, put coal mine projects under construction into production as soon as possible, approve a number of safe, intelligent and green large-scale modern coal mines, ensure the smooth succession of coal production capacity, and promote the output to maintain a high level on the basis of safe production. Establish a coal production capacity reserve system, strengthen the construction of coal transportation channels and product reserve capacity, and enhance the elasticity of the coal supply system.

Improve the stability of the power system regulation capacity. Issuance and implementation of relevant policies to guide the transformation and development of thermal power. We will promote the integrated joint operation of coal and coal power, rationally lay out supportive regulatory coal power, speed up the construction of planned coal power projects in provinces with high power supply pressure, and strive to put them into operation as soon as possible. Promote the conversion of decommissioned units to emergency standby power sources as required. Reasonable planning and construction of peak gas power in areas where gas sources are guaranteed, gas prices are affordable and peak demand is large. In-depth implementation of the "Guiding Opinions on the High-quality Development of Distribution Networks under the New Situation" to enhance the support and guarantee capacity and comprehensive carrying capacity of the distribution network. Strengthen the early warning of the balance of power supply and demand in summer and winter, "one province, one policy" to ensure power supply, and increase supervision and guidance in areas with tight supply and tight supply. Optimize the medium-and long-term development planning and layout of pumped storage. Promote the diversified development of new energy storage, and strengthen policies and measures to promote the grid-connected and dispatching operation of new energy storage. Compacting local and corporate responsibilities to promote the participation of power demand-side resources in demand-side response and system regulation.

Improve regional coordination support capacity. We will promote the implementation of energy planning in key regions such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Yellow River Basin, and support the high-quality development of energy in Northeast China and other regions. Optimize and improve the policy mechanism to promote the high-quality development of cross-provincial and cross-regional transmission channels. We will focus on promoting the approval and commencement of UHV projects in Northern Shaanxi-Anhui, Gansu-Zhejiang, western Inner Mongolia-Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Datong-Tianjin South, and speed up the preliminary work of sending out channels for clean energy bases in southwest, northwest, northeast and Inner Mongolia. Strengthen the interconnection of the main network between East Mongolia and Northeast China, promote the extension of the North China UHV AC power grid to the West Mongolia region, enhance the transmission capacity of the northwest inter-provincial channel, and build the backbone network of the Central China UHV. Accelerate the construction of the fourth line of the West-East Gas Pipeline, the second line of the Sichuan-East Gas Pipeline, the southern section of the China-Russia East Line, and the Hulin-Changchun trunk pipeline. Continue to do a good job in rural power grid consolidation and upgrading.

Third, vigorously promote the high-quality development of non-fossil energy.

In-depth implementation of the dual-carbon goals and tasks, multiple measures to increase the proportion of non-fossil energy, optimize and improve industrial development policies, and support the construction of a beautiful China with green energy development.

Consolidate and expand the good development trend of wind power photovoltaic. Steadily promote the construction of large-scale wind power photovoltaic base, and orderly promote the completion and commissioning of the project.Coordinate and optimize the layout of offshore wind power, promote the construction of offshore wind power bases, and steadily and orderly promote the development of offshore wind power to the far shore of deep water. Do a good job in the national photothermal power generation planning layout, and continue to promote the large-scale development of photothermal power generation.According to local conditions to accelerate the promotion of decentralized wind power, distributedPhotovoltaic power generationDevelopment, in areas with the conditions to organize the implementation of "thousands of villages to control the wind action" and "thousands of households light action". To carry out the national wind and solar power resources survey pilot work.

We will steadily advance the development and construction of hydropower and nuclear power. Prepare plans for integrated water and scenery bases in major river basins, and formulate hydropower development and construction plans for the Yangtze River Basin. Advance the preliminary work of major hydropower projects in an orderly manner. Actively promote the approval of coastal nuclear power projects in a safe and orderly manner, and complete and put into operation Unit 1 of Shandong Rongcheng "Guohe No. 1" Demonstration Project, and Unit 4 of Guangxi Fangchenggang "Hualong No. 1" Demonstration Project.

We will continue to improve the green and low-carbon transition policy system. Scientific optimization of new energy utilization targets,Issued in 2024 renewable energy power consumption responsibility weight and implemented to key industry enterprises, with the consumption responsibility weight as the bottom line, with reasonable utilization rate as the upper limit, to promote the high-quality development of wind power photovoltaic.We will continue to promote the full coverage and application expansion of green certificates, strengthen the connection between green certificates and the domestic carbon market and international recognition, and further enhance the influence of green certificates.Revise and issue the management measures for distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, and continue to carry out the pilot work of improving the carrying capacity of distributed photovoltaic access to the power grid. Research on policies related to upgrading and decommissioning of photovoltaic power plants. Formulate and implement interim measures for the management of the development and construction of pumped storage power stations to promote the sustainable and healthy development of pumped storage.

IV. Deepening changes in the way energy is used

Adapt to the development trend of clean and low-carbon economy and society, increase the substitution of clean and low-carbon energy consumption, coordinate the promotion of energy conservation, pollution reduction and carbon reduction in the energy industry, and promote the formation of a green and low-carbon production and lifestyle.

Continue to promote clean energy substitution in key areas. Accelerate the construction of a charging infrastructure network system, further promote the electrification of transportation energy, continuously optimize the charging network in cities, along highways and residential communities, increase support for the construction of county-level charging infrastructure, promote the creation of a number of demonstration counties and villages and towns for the construction and application of charging facilities, and explore the development of two-way interaction between car networks. Promote the continuous development of clean heating in the northern region, promote ultra-low emission cogeneration central heating and renewable energy heating such as geothermal, solar, and biomass energy according to local conditions, and gradually develop a variety of clean heating methods such as electricity, industrial waste heat, and nuclear energy heating. Promote the safe and orderly implementation of qualified clean heating projects. We will promote the construction of pilot counties for the rural energy revolution and accelerate the clean and low-carbon transformation of rural energy from point to point. Revise the natural gas utilization policy and promote natural gas to play a greater role in the construction of a new energy system. Release the "typical case collection of energy green low-carbon transformation", through the typical demonstration to drive the transformation and development.

Strengthen the energy industry energy saving and carbon reduction efficiency. We will continue to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in coal development, speed up the industrialization of coalbed methane, and vigorously build large-scale mining areas and demonstration projects for gas extraction and utilization. We will continue to implement the "three-change linkage" of coal and electricity, and eliminate backward production capacity in a steady and orderly manner. In-depth exploration of thermal power mixed with hydrogen, ammonia technology, strengthen the pilot demonstration. Strengthen the energy management of oil refining enterprises with energy efficiency below the benchmark level, carry out the compilation of typical cases of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the oil refining industry, and guide enterprises to apply advanced technologies to improve energy efficiency. Promote the integrated development of coal, oil and gas industries and new energy sources, and reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of product production. Support the coupling development of coal-to-oil and gas projects and new energy sources and large-scale demonstration applications of carbon capture, utilization and storage. Increase the research and development of technology for the collaborative development of energy resources and associated minerals.

Accelerate the cultivation of new energy formats and new models. Strengthen the new energy storage pilot demonstration tracking evaluation, promote the new energy storage technology industry progress. Prepare relevant policies to accelerate the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry, promote hydrogen energy technology innovation and industrial development in an orderly manner, steadily carry out hydrogen energy pilot demonstrations, focus on the development of renewable energy hydrogen production, and expand hydrogen energy application scenarios. Steadily promote the development of green and clean liquid fuels, orderly promote the technological innovation and industrialization of cellulose and other non-grain fuel ethanol, and do a good job in pilot demonstrations of the promotion and application of biodiesel. We will steadily promote the diversified development and utilization of biomass energy. Promote the implementation of low-carbon and zero-carbon transformation in conditional industrial parks, and promote green and efficient energy supply models such as integrated energy stations and integration of source, network, load and storage. According to local conditions to explore the implementation of new energy microgrid, micro-energy network, high proportion of new energy applications and other demonstration projects.

V. Promoting Energy Technology Innovation

In-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, focusing on high-end, digital, and intelligent, strengthening independent innovation in energy technology, improving the level of independent control of the energy industry chain supply chain, and promoting the development of new quality productivity.

Continuously improve the energy science and technology innovation system. Solidly promote the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" energy science and technology innovation planning project, and do a good job of follow-up tracking and evaluation. Strengthen the management of energy R & D innovation platform, implement R & D tasks, and strengthen daily supervision and evaluation. Focusing on new energy technologies, new business formats, emerging industries, green and low-carbon transformation and safe development, we will coordinate research and establish a group of energy industry standard committees, accelerate the revision of relevant standards, and strengthen the implementation and application of standards. Improve the level of internationalization of energy standards, support participation in international standardization work, and promote high-level energy technology standards to go global.

Accelerate the transformation of energy technology and results. Relying on the strategic scientific and technological forces in the energy field to promote the innovation of key technology and equipment, organize the fourth batch of the first (set) of major technical equipment declaration and evaluation in the energy field, and accelerate the demonstration application. Do a good job in the mid-term evaluation and task adjustment of the gas turbine innovation and development demonstration project to ensure the effectiveness of the demonstration task. Continue to promote major nuclear power projects. Organize and implement scientific and technological innovation 2030-"smart grid" major projects and "renewable energy technology", "clean and efficient use of coal", "hydrogen energy technology" and other national key research and development projects in the energy field. In-depth demonstration of major scientific and technological projects in coal, oil and gas and other fields.

Promote the demonstration of new energy technology applications. Organize and carry out energy digital intelligent core technology research and application demonstration. Promote the intelligent transformation of grid infrastructure and the construction of smart microgrids, and improve the grid's ability to accept, allocate and regulate clean energy. Summarize the results of the first batch of intelligent demonstration coal mine construction in China, and promote the construction of intelligent coal mines on a larger scale and at a higher level. Implementation of the first national energy nuclear power digital transformation technology demonstration projects. Explore and promote new technologies such as virtual power plants, reliable substitution of new energy sources, advanced coal power, and diversified applications of new energy storage.

Continued Modernization of Energy Governance Systems and Capabilities

We will improve the legal system of energy, continue to deepen the reform of the energy system and mechanism, strengthen energy supervision, strengthen energy and power security governance, and constantly improve the modernization level of the energy governance system.

Improve energy laws and regulations. Promote the adoption of the Energy Law by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and speed up the revision of the Renewable Energy Law, the Electricity Law and the Coal Law. We will promote the revision of regulations on the management of power grid dispatching, measures for the construction and operation of natural gas infrastructure, measures for the fair and open supervision of oil and gas pipeline network facilities, and regulations on safety protection of power monitoring systems.

Deepen the reform of key areas of energy. Deepen the reform of the power system and help build a new power system. Introduce opinions on deepening the reform of the electricity market and promoting the high-quality development of new energy. Strengthen the construction of a unified national electricity market system, promote the implementation of the basic rules of the electricity spot market, formulate the Basic Rules of the Electricity Auxiliary Service Market, the Basic Rules of Information Disclosure in the Electricity Market, and the Basic Rules of Registration of Electricity Market Access, and implement the two-part electricity price policy for coal and electricity. Guide and promote Shanxi, Guangdong, Gansu, Shandong, Mengxi and other pilot areas to continuously deepen the reform of power marketization, and steadily promote the construction of power markets in the south, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Yangtze River Delta regions. Deepen the reform of the oil and gas system, promote the high-quality and fair opening of infrastructure, strengthen the guidance and restraint of the work of downloading openings on pipelines, accelerate the interconnection of pipeline networks, and support and guide the integration of provincial pipeline networks into national pipeline networks in a market-oriented manner.

Strengthen energy market regulation. Innovative energy supervision methods, increase supervision efforts, and maintain a fair and just market environment. We will carry out comprehensive supervision in the field of electric power in key provinces, carry out special supervision in view of the problems such as inadequate implementation of rules, restrictions on market competition and inadequate information disclosure in the operation of the power market, and strengthen the normal supervision of power trading and market order. Strengthen the fair and open supervision of power grids and oil and gas pipeline network facilities, and improve the operational efficiency of power grids and oil and gas pipeline network facilities. Give full play to the role of the 12398 energy regulatory hotline as a channel for people's livelihood, and promote the solution of the urgent and anxious problems of the masses.

Strengthen power safety management. We will issue policy documents on the safety management of new power systems and key requirements for preventing grid-connected safety accidents of new grid-connected entities such as new energy, revise the Measures for Safety Risk Control of Power Grid (for Trial Implementation), and study and formulate safety supervision measures for deep peak regulation of coal-fired power units. Strengthen the special supervision of safety in key areas, carry out the three-year action of energy and power system safety production, the second phase of the special action to improve the safety of hydropower stations and dams, the special supervision of construction safety and quality control of power construction projects, and the special action of distribution network safety. We will continue to promote the construction of national power emergency bases and research centers, and accelerate the construction of a power reliability management system based on real-time data. Organize a new round of power oil and gas key information infrastructure identification, and steadily promote the large-scale application of Beidou in the energy industry.

VII. Promoting international energy cooperation in a pragmatic manner

Pay close attention to changes in the international energy situation, make overall use of both domestic and international markets and resources, expand high-level international energy cooperation, and enhance energy security under open conditions.

Enhance the ability to ensure energy security under open conditions. Consolidate and develop international coal trade cooperation. Strengthen coordination with oil and gas resource countries, promote practical cooperation, and continue to consolidate and improve a balanced and diversified oil and gas import system. Promote new progress in power interconnection with neighboring countries. We will promote international cooperation in nuclear power projects in a steady and orderly manner.

Promote cooperation in the clean energy industry chain in an orderly manner. We will build a new win-win model for green and low-carbon energy transformation, deepen international cooperation in new energy science and technology innovation, strengthen China EU cooperation in key areas such as wind power, smart energy and energy storage, and promote the implementation of a number of China EU energy technology innovation cooperation demonstration projects. We will carry out project exchanges between China and ASEAN clean energy capacity building programs and promote the establishment of China-ASEAN clean energy cooperation center. Promote joint preparations for the establishment of China-Arab clean energy cooperation centers with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and strengthen practical cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy.

Deeply participate in the reform of international energy governance. High-quality construction of "the belt and road initiative" energy partnership and global clean energy partnership. Continue to participate deeply in important multilateral mechanisms in the energy field such as the G20, APEC, IEA, IRENA, SCO, BRICS and IFNEC under the framework of the United Nations. Continuously improve the construction of China-IRENA cooperation mechanism. Actively participate in important international conferences such as the G20 Energy Transition Ministerial Meeting and the 2024 IEA Energy Ministerial Meeting. Organize and hold bilateral dialogue mechanism activities.

Energy departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities),National Energy AdministrationAll dispatched agencies and relevant energy enterprises shall, in accordance with this guidance and in the light of the actual situation of the region and enterprises, carry out innovative work, strengthen the building of energy security capacity, and promote the high-quality development of energy to continuously achieve new results. to provide strong energy security for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.

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