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2023-05-12 00:43

In July 2021, the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) building energy centralized control and experiment platform independently developed by China Energy Group and the world's first, located in Future Science City, Changping District, Beijing, was officially completed and put into use.


Panorama of BIPV Center



The BIPV center is 47m long, 20m wide, and 9m high (the photovoltaic experimental tower is 18.4m high), covering an area of about 952㎡ and a building area of 1063㎡. It is a house that can generate electricity.



In the past, photovoltaic buildings hung photovoltaic modules on the wall. The light-weight integrated photovoltaic wall of the BIPV center directly replaces the traditional wall. After the factory prefabrication process is completed, it can be directly and quickly installed on the frame system of the building. . The photovoltaic wall is 8.9 meters high and is currently the tallest unitized photovoltaic curtain wall in the world. The BIPV center’s fully bolted steel structure frame, photovoltaic wall and structural layer of the prefabricated roof took only 7 days and nights for on-site construction and assembly. The construction speed is comparable to "Thunder Mountain" and "Vulcan Mountain", setting a domestic record!



The photovoltaic wall power generation of the BIPV center is completely self-contained and consumed locally, effectively avoiding the problems of long-distance power transmission loss, occupying a large amount of land resources, large investment in power transmission and distribution equipment, and abandoning light in centralized photovoltaic power stations, etc., and achieving high photovoltaic power generation. utilization rate. The photovoltaic wall of the BIPV center is equipped with 1,155 thin-film photovoltaic modules, with a total installed capacity of 112.60kW. It is estimated that the annual power generation can reach 75,000 kWh, which can meet 30%-40% of the electricity demand of the BIPV center.



The BIPV center integrates photovoltaic photothermal comprehensive utilization technology and air source heat pump system. Photothermal heat gain can reach 20%-60%, and heat recovery can improve the energy efficiency ratio of air source heat pump by 5%-10%. The use of light and heat not only reduces the temperature of the photovoltaic module, but also improves the power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic module, so that the photovoltaic wall has the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer. In summer, it can effectively reduce the indoor temperature by 3-5℃; in winter, it is airtight Heat collection can effectively increase the indoor temperature by 3-5°C, effectively reducing building energy consumption.

The building energy intelligent management system intelligently collects, stores, and analyzes relevant data on the supply side and demand side of building energy, dynamically monitors building energy consumption, improves the comprehensive utilization rate of building energy, and makes the overall energy saving of the building about 10%.



Building Smart Integrated Energy Management System

The cloud platform of the BIPV center includes a basic platform and four functional centers: data service center, strategy center, operation and maintenance center, and visualization center. Currently completed BIPV demonstration projects such as Tonghu Science and Technology Town in Huizhou, Guangdong, Country Garden Hainan Lingshui Coral Palace, Jiangsu Dongtai Offshore Wind Power Operation and Maintenance Complex, Beijing Low Carbon Institute 44 MW production line workshop, and new commercial BIPV in the future Projects can rely on this cloud platform to collect photovoltaic and photothermal data and conduct continuous analysis to form energy consumption and operation and maintenance strategies, and finally realize remote monitoring.



These light-weight integrated prefabricated photovoltaic walls, which look a lot like glass curtain walls, have the function of building envelope, and have three characteristics of power generation, rapid assembly construction and energy saving. At the same time, photovoltaic modules of different colors and textures can be quickly replaced to realize the quick change of the building appearance and the continuous update of the city image.


BIPV center after color transformation

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