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2023-05-11 18:32

Singapore attaches great importance to the implementation and promotion of "green buildings". By 2030, the inter-ministerial committee for sustainable development has set a goal for the construction environment industry: green buildings account for at least 80% of all buildings.

Yishun Khoo Teck Puat Hospital is the newest public hospital in Singapore, which fully follows the concept of green and high energy efficiency. Zero energy has been achieved in the photovoltaic system, heating and ventilation system, and daily lighting system, and the coverage of green plants has been expanded to achieve 70% natural air circulation. The energy efficiency of the building is 50% higher than the average level of ordinary hospitals.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital makes full use of every space to create a green medical environment. Every floor of it is filled with greenery that relaxes and refreshes. Especially the stepped gardens on the roof platforms of the private ward building and the public ward building, patients and visitors will find a pleasant private space for meditation when strolling in the garden. Another unique feature of these gardens is to provide recirculated cool air for operating theaters or a source of fresh air for the lower floors, thereby creating a lush and cool environment.

The landscape wall on the facade of the building is covered with aerial plants using a dropper filtration system, forming a privacy screen for the outdoor bathroom. Shallow water plants outside provide the main water circulation filtration system for the ecological pond.

Help the construction of green energy buildings and strive to become the leader in the BIPV industry.

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