Seattle Bullitt Center

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2023-05-11 18:31

According to Seattle local media person Randy Woods (Randy Woods), the Bullitt Center uses many cutting-edge sustainable development technologies. rainwater. It also has toilets that break down excrement through an aerobic device, a rooftop solar array that can power the entire building for a year, and large windows that provide natural lighting and ventilation. In addition, a solar hot water circulation radiant heating system is installed on the concrete floor of the Bullitt Center, and multiple 400-foot-deep heat exchange wells are built underground to help regulate the temperature of the office.

Built into the buildings of the Bullitt Center are sensors that detect light levels, carbon dioxide levels, indoor and outdoor temperatures, and weather conditions. Greenery and permeable paving materials on the streets outside the buildings allow water to soak into the ground, reducing flow into the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. In order to encourage people to walk more in the building and use public transportation more, Bullitt Center has a wide and comfortable staircase and no garage.

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