The world's first McDonald's flagship store in Orlando, USA

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2023-05-11 18:29

McDonald's opened its first global flagship store in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, USA, which is also its first environment-friendly fast food space with net zero energy consumption.

It is a restaurant that "operates entirely with renewable energy such as solar energy". In order to be truly environmentally friendly and allow the restaurant to use 100% renewable energy for power generation, the architect covered the entire roof of the restaurant with solar glass panels.

The entire roof canopy uses 1066 solar panels, which can produce 60,000 kWh of electricity per year for the restaurant.

The sunlight was cut into small pieces through the ceiling and sprinkled on the seats. The outdoor seats are in the form of a combination of stone bases and soft cloth cushions, which are durable and relatively comfortable. The street lights at night are also powered by solar panels.

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