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2023-05-11 18:17


Bahrain, an island country near the west coast of the Persian Gulf, has a tropical desert climate. The Bahrain World Trade Center, costing 35 million Baht (approximately more than 90 million U.S. dollars), is the world's first skyscraper to use wind energy as a source of electricity. The building is composed of two traditional Arabian-style "wind towers", with a pointed top and a wide bottom, like a pair of sails with opposite wings.

The Bahrain World Trade Center is a 240-meter-high building with twin towers. The main body plane is elliptical, and three wind turbines with a diameter of 29 meters are installed horizontally between the two buildings. The sail-like building forms sea breeze convection in front of the two buildings, accelerating the wind speed. The wind turbines are expected to support 11%-15% of the electricity required by the building.

Walking in the central business district of Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, you only need to look up a little, and you can see the three horizontal axis windmills flying between the twin towers of the Bahrain World Trade Center. The installation cost of these three wind energy turbines is 1 million bar dollars, and they can provide about 13 million megawatt-hours (1.3 million kWh) of electricity per year, which is equivalent to the power generation of 2 million tons of coal or 6 million barrels of oil. For the year. The wind impeller rotates day and night without causing any environmental pollution. It seems to remind all oil consumers who are looking forward to the Middle East: there are actually more environmentally friendly and more livable energy acquisition methods on the earth that we need to develop urgently.

With the continuous consumption of non-renewable resources around the world, the energy crisis has suddenly sounded the alarm for human survival, and the Bahrain World Trade Center has undoubtedly played a very good demonstration role. With the successful case of the wind energy skyscraper of Bahrain World Trade Center, wind energy, a renewable, non-polluting energy with huge reserves, can inspire the confidence of people of insight in the world, so that we can show our talents, develop and utilize, reduce The emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide protects the earth on which human beings depend for survival and reproduction.

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