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2023-04-24 12:01

The BIPV photovoltaic power generation project of Qinghai Science and Technology Museum was put into use on October 24, 2011. This project is the first project in my country to apply electric tracking BIPV photovoltaic louvers to the facade of a photovoltaic building.

Its main feature is that the integration effect of the photovoltaic system and the building is fully considered in the design of the photovoltaic system, a suitable photovoltaic system is designed according to the characteristics of the building itself, and the photovoltaic louver is applied to the traditional electric glass louver control system.

Hundreds of photovoltaic louvers installed on the facade of the building can rotate on a single axis following the position of the sun, effectively increasing the power generation of the photovoltaic system on the facade. The perfect combination of photovoltaic louvers and buildings not only brings integrated beauty to the building, but also the automatic tracking system maximizes the efficiency of solar energy and enhances the ventilation effect inside the building, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.






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