Shanghai: Work Plan for Construction of Shanghai Carbon Inclusive System

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2023-05-13 09:22

In order to implement the spirit of the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, accelerate the green transformation of the development mode, implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, advocate green consumption, promote the formation of green and low-carbon production methods and lifestyles, and promote carbon inclusiveness in a stable and orderly manner Work to develop this plan.

1. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, with the core concept of "everyone is low-carbon, enjoy inclusive benefits", adhere to "low-carbon leadership, joint efforts, public participation, gradual deepening, demonstration and innovation", and actively develop carbon inclusive emission reduction project, explore the inclusion of individual emission reduction scenarios, broaden and improve consumption channels, learn from the China Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) mechanism, enrich the scope of the project, help the construction of my country's multi-level voluntary emission reduction market system, and build a sustainable carbon universal We will open up the upstream and downstream carbon inclusive value chain, build carbon inclusiveness into an important brand for Shanghai to practice green and low-carbon development, and make green the most attractive background for urban development.

(2) Basic principles

Adhere to the guidance of goals. Closely follow the national carbon peak carbon neutral goal, and better serve Shanghai's low-carbon development goals.

Adhere to market operation. Effectively play the leading role of the carbon market mechanism, improve the market mechanism, and use market-oriented means to stimulate the vitality of various market entities.

Adhere to simplicity and convenience. Actively use emerging technologies to continuously improve management efficiency. On the basis of ensuring complete functions and scientific design, simplify the closed-loop process of the carbon inclusive system and reduce the participation costs of various entities in carbon inclusiveness.

Persist in benefiting the people and benefiting the enterprise. With the core concept of "everyone is low-carbon, enjoying inclusive benefits", aiming at the characteristics of individual low-carbon behaviors and small and medium-sized emission reduction projects of enterprises, communities and families, which are "wide-ranging and large-scale", we help them realize it through the carbon inclusive mechanism value.

2. Main objectives

By 2025, form the top-level design of the carbon inclusive system, build relevant institutional standards and methodological systems, build a carbon inclusive platform, and select projects and scenarios with good foundations, representative regions, good statistical foundations, and strong data availability Carry out pilot demonstrations first, connect with the Shanghai carbon market, explore multi-level consumption channels, explore the establishment of regional personal carbon accounts, and create a "model room" for Shanghai's carbon inclusiveness.

3. Key tasks

(1) Build a system platform to promote scientific and standardized management

1. Formulate a carbon inclusive system. Introduce policy documents such as the Shanghai Carbon Inclusive System Management Measures and related special operating rules, clarify the top-level design, technical specifications, operating rules, business processes, platform docking, etc. The operation of the inclusive system provides policy basis and guarantee.

2. Establish a carbon inclusive system management and operation organization. Relying on relevant institutions to establish the city's carbon inclusive management and operation organization (center), to undertake the management and operation functions of Shanghai's carbon inclusive mechanism, including organizing expert committees to demonstrate and approve project and scenario emission reduction accounting methodologies, projects and reduction Issuance and filing of emissions, management of personal low-carbon scenarios and emission reductions, consumption of carbon inclusive emission reductions, construction, management and operation of carbon inclusive platforms, etc.

3. Build a carbon inclusive system platform. Relying on public information platforms such as "Sui Bid", and using digital technologies such as blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things, to establish a carbon universal platform with the functions of methodology and carbon inclusive project filing, issuance and registration of emission reductions, transactions, and incentives. Hui system platform. On the basis of fairness and openness, introduce commercial resources, integrate social forces, widely connect various carbon inclusive projects and scenarios, and try to connect with commercial carbon credit platforms. Reduce system access costs, improve the accuracy of data collection on the carbon inclusive platform, ensure the privacy and security of participant information and data, improve the review efficiency of projects and scenarios, improve the convenience of user operations, and provide effective support for management decision-making .

4. Orderly promote the development and filing of carbon inclusive methodology. Make full use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), China Certified Emission Reductions (CCER) and other types of voluntary emission reduction methodologies, and comprehensively consider the additionality, authenticity, universality, representativeness, and Factors such as data availability, orderly guidance, and batch-by-batch development of filing project categories and individual carbon inclusive emission reduction methodologies. Encourage enterprises and social forces to independently develop and declare methodologies, and establish a dynamic management mechanism for methodology development, declaration, review, and filing.

(2) Establish evaluation and evaluation standards, and do a good job in project management in an orderly manner

5. Expand the project evaluation dimension and establish a project evaluation standard system. According to the planning objectives of the Shanghai carbon inclusive system, take the lead in developing new energy, new energy vehicles, charging piles, public transportation and other relatively mature carbon inclusive projects with a good data foundation, explore and expand various project types, and gradually start from a single carbon reduction Multi-objective and comprehensive evaluation standards transformation, such as collaborative emission reduction of multi-pollutants, resource conservation, circular economy, and overall protection of the ecological environment, has formed a widely recognized project emission reduction evaluation and evaluation system, which provides a basis for the selection of key development project categories at different stages. in accordance with.

6. Improve the project management system and strive for extensive resource support for the project. Establish an information database for carbon inclusive projects, conduct unified process-based information management of various projects, and provide channels for connecting with policy and financial information, so as to promote the support and incentives of the whole society for carbon inclusiveness. Refine the project management system, improve the project emission reduction evaluation mechanism, and include compliance and legitimacy assessment standards. Realize the continuous update and tracking of corresponding boundary definition, baseline and other information data. Based on the emission reduction attributes and effects of different projects and scenarios, the additionality demonstration of carbon inclusive certification emission reductions should be appropriately simplified.

(3) Pilot individual emission reduction scenarios and encourage public participation

7. Gradually establish a reporting and evaluation mechanism for individual emission reduction scenarios. Carry out the pilot work of feasibility assessment and declaration assessment of individual emission reduction scenarios in some areas, and regularly evaluate various emission reduction scenarios in combination with factors such as policy adjustments and technological progress, so as to improve the standardization, scientificity and timeliness of emission reduction accounting. To promote the continuous improvement of emission reduction scenario design.

8. Promote the access and development of individual emission reduction scenarios in an orderly manner. In accordance with the principle of "easy before difficult, gradually expanding", effective low-carbon behaviors in personal clothing, food, housing, transportation, and utility are gradually developed into standardized personal emission reduction scenarios. Explore the establishment of a personal carbon account system for the public, enhance the public's perception of their own energy-saving and carbon-reducing behaviors, and provide diversified path choices for the public to participate in carbon emission reduction activities.

(4) Expansion of reduction and consumption channels to realize value transformation

9. Establish an offset mechanism to connect with the Shanghai carbon emissions trading market. Formulate offsetting rules, guide carbon inclusive emission reductions to enter the city's carbon emission trading market through the offsetting mechanism, support and encourage the city to include carbon emission quota management units to purchase carbon inclusive emission reductions and complete carbon emission trading clearing through the offsetting mechanism Pay performance.

10. Encourage the purchase and use of carbon-inclusive emission reductions to achieve carbon neutrality in specific scenarios and activities. On the basis of the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Carbon Neutralization of Large-scale Events (Trial)" and other documents issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, fully explore the voluntary carbon neutrality of various organizations, products, services, activities, buildings, regions, etc. under the dual carbon goals In order to meet the demand, formulate relevant implementation guidelines to achieve carbon neutrality with carbon inclusive emission reductions as offset sources, and encourage enterprises, institutions and individuals to give priority to using carbon inclusive emission reductions for carbon neutrality.

11. Optimize the carbon inclusive ecosystem of resource sharing. To realize the consumption of personal carbon inclusive emission reductions by means of "inclusive points for rights and interests, inclusive points for honors", and gradually form a virtuous circle in which personal carbon inclusive flows and business economic benefits are mutually driven, and Shanghai's carbon inclusive sustainable operation of the system.

(5) Relying on the regional cooperation mechanism to enhance synergistic benefits

12. Support the joint construction of the carbon inclusive mechanism in the Yangtze River Delta region. According to the "Memorandum of Work on Joint Construction of Carbon Inclusive Mechanism in the Yangtze River Delta Region", strengthen the carbon inclusive cooperation between Shanghai and other provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, and jointly promote the establishment of a carbon inclusive mechanism among cities in the Yangtze River Delta region. Adhere to complementary advantages and resource sharing, and gradually realize the joint establishment of rules, mutual recognition of methodologies, information sharing, and mutual recognition of projects to help local governments achieve double-carbon goals.

13. Establish a carbon inclusive cooperation mechanism with regions outside the Yangtze River Delta. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and areas outside the Yangtze River Delta in the design of carbon inclusive systems, platform construction, development of emission reduction projects and scenarios, and business ecology, support the application of Shanghai's carbon inclusive methodology system in areas outside the Yangtze River Delta, and promote The Shanghai Carbon Inclusive System is interconnected with carbon inclusiveness in various places and is expanding nationwide.

(6) Use green financial means to enhance the vitality of project and scene development

14. Establish carbon inclusive green investment and financing services. Encourage qualified financial institutions to participate in carbon inclusive green investment and financing services. Provide financial services for carbon inclusive projects, and provide preferential financial products and services for enterprises and individuals with high carbon credits.

15. Explore financial products and services related to carbon inclusive emission reductions. Tap the potential value of carbon inclusive emission reductions, try to develop various financial services based on carbon inclusive emission reductions, revitalize the carbon assets owned by various entities such as enterprises and individuals, increase the scope of carbon inclusive value recognition, and enhance carbon inclusiveness. The vitality of Hui project and scene development.

(7) Explore multi-field linkages and strengthen policy coordination

16. Explore the realization of synergistic benefits of carbon inclusiveness in the field of emission reduction. Identify and select project carbon inclusive benefits and individual carbon inclusive benefits that have synergistic benefits of carbon emission reduction and multi-pollutant emission reduction and whose evaluation methods are relatively mature, and explore the benefits of carbon inclusive benefits to promote carbon emission reduction and multi-pollutant emission reduction benefits. Linkage mechanism, enhance the synergy between the carbon inclusive system and other environmental policies, and explore the establishment of a linkage mechanism that connects with each other.

17. Support rural revitalization through carbon inclusiveness. Combining carbon benefits with "rural revitalization" and other policies, developing project methodologies including forestry carbon sequestration, agricultural waste utilization, ecological agriculture, etc., to promote the realization of ecological value, and transform "green water and green mountains" into "golden mountains and silver" Mountain". Encourage the support-type carbon inclusive development for rural revitalization areas, set priority consumption conditions, increase incentives, and embed the rural revitalization strategy in the process of ecological civilization construction.

18. Stimulate consumption vitality through carbon inclusiveness. On the basis of improving the public participation in carbon inclusiveness, encourage commercial organizations in the fields of clothing, food, housing, transportation, and use to provide coupons and exchange coupons to stimulate consumption vitality while absorbing emission reductions, and realize public A virtuous circle model of profit, business income increase, and emission reduction of the whole society.

19. Explore the inclusion of carbon inclusiveness into the comprehensive evaluation system for enterprises and individuals. Research and explore the establishment of a comprehensive evaluation system for low-carbon behavior of enterprises and individuals, and gradually explore the linkage between green evaluation systems related to enterprises and individuals and other policies and commercial resources.

4. Safeguard measures

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership

Strengthen the unified organization and leadership of the city's carbon inclusive system construction, establish the city's carbon inclusive work leadership promotion mechanism, and establish a carbon inclusive work team composed of various departments and districts. As the lead unit, the Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment is responsible for the overall design and coordinated promotion of the carbon inclusive mechanism, and strengthens business guidance on the construction and operation of the carbon inclusive platform, methodology development, and project scenario application.

(2) Clarify the division of responsibilities

The member units of the carbon peak carbon neutrality work leading group in this city shall accelerate the construction and operation of the city's carbon inclusive system in accordance with the principles of overall planning and coordination, division of labor and cooperation. The Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment has strengthened communication and collaboration with various departments. Relevant government agencies should actively support and cooperate with the relevant work of the Shanghai Carbon Inclusive System in combination with departmental work.

(3) Strengthen support and guarantee

Carry out guarantee work in connection with the information system of the carbon inclusive platform and the city's big data center, data sharing, etc. Give full play to the guiding role of financial funds, and establish a diversified investment mechanism such as public welfare funds and social funds.

(4) Strengthen tracking and evaluation

Carry out follow-up evaluation of the progress and implementation effects of the carbon inclusive system construction, and based on the evaluation results, continuously optimize the main content such as scene coverage areas, methodological design, project promotion methods, and emission reduction consumption mechanisms.

(5) Increase publicity efforts

Strengthen the publicity and promotion of carbon inclusiveness, and enhance the influence of Shanghai carbon inclusiveness. Combine the publicity of carbon inclusiveness with existing activities such as World Environment Day and National Low Carbon Day, and carry out marketing activities through various methods such as TV, Internet, and print advertisements.

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