Shanghai: Notice on Printing and Distributing Shanghai's 2023 Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality and Key Work Arrangements for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

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2023-05-13 09:21

The people's governments of all districts, and all committees, offices, and bureaus of the municipal government:

  With the consent of the municipal government, the "Shanghai 2023 Carbon Peak Carbon Neutralization and Key Work Arrangements for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction" is hereby printed and distributed to you. Please implement it carefully in light of your actual situation.

  Shanghai Municipal Leading Group Office for Addressing Climate Change and Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

   (Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission Act Charter)

  April 22, 2023

Shanghai's 2023 Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality and Key Work Arrangements for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is a critical year for the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" to inherit the past and usher in the future. The city must thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, solidly promote Chinese-style modernization, and persist Seek to improve the general tone of the work, actively and steadily promote carbon peak carbon neutrality. In light of the actual conditions of this city, the key work arrangements for carbon neutrality and energy conservation and emission reduction in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Effective connection with the goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan"

In 2023, the city's energy consumption per unit of GDP and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will further decrease, and the energy consumption intensity and carbon emission intensity of all districts and fields should be in line with the progress of the "14th Five-Year Plan" target progress. The main pollutant nitrogen oxides The emission reductions of pollutants, volatile organic compounds, chemical oxygen demand, and ammonia nitrogen projects achieved the national targets, and the total coal consumption continued to be controlled.

  2. Promoting carbon peak carbon neutral comprehensive management

Fully implement the double-carbon policy document, plan to implement the "Ten Actions for Carbon Peak" step by step, actively and steadily promote carbon neutrality for carbon peak, organize the construction of carbon neutral digital platform for carbon peak, and promote the full completion of the 2022 greenhouse in all districts Compilation of gas emission inventories.

  3. Accelerate the promotion of energy green and low-carbon transformation

  Strictly control the total amount of coal consumption, promote the comprehensive development and utilization of local "photovoltaic +", the construction of offshore wind power in Hangzhou Bay, the construction of clean power channels outside the city, and strive to complete the Nantong-Chongming 500 kV interconnection project within this year.

  4. Continue to promote energy saving, carbon reduction and efficiency increase

Carry out annual district-level government carbon peak carbon neutrality and energy-saving target responsibility evaluation, key energy-consuming unit energy-saving target responsibility assessment, key energy-consuming unit energy utilization status report verification, and continue to expand the functions and access of key energy-consuming unit energy consumption monitoring platforms Promote the upgrading and transformation of the sub-item measurement system of state organs and large public buildings.

  5. In-depth promotion of carbon peaking in the industrial field

Accelerate the adjustment and closure of Gaoqiao Petrochemical and Wujing area, promote the concentration of the chemical industry in the Hangzhou Bay area, support the high-end and low-carbon upgrading of Shanghai's petrochemical industry, promote the adjustment of Baosteel's blast furnace to electric furnace; cultivate a new green and low-carbon track, and vigorously develop the frontier Technology, high-end equipment and other 10 sub-tracks will promote the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry.

  6. Promoting carbon peaking in the field of urban and rural construction

  Vigorously promote the large-scale development of ultra-low energy consumption buildings, promote the large-scale energy-saving renovation of existing buildings of no less than 4 million square meters, and vigorously promote the large-scale application of renewable energy in buildings. Continue to promote the establishment of demonstrations of energy-saving institutions and green shopping malls in the city.

  7. Promote green and low-carbon transportation

   Steadily increase the volume of sea-rail combined transport, accelerate the construction of large-capacity public transport infrastructure such as urban rail transit and medium-capacity bus systems, promote the development of new energy vehicles, and actively promote the electrification of inland river vessels.

  VIII. Vigorously develop circular economy

  Clarify the planning and layout of 1% of the land used by the resource recycling industry in the relevant districts (management committees), dynamically adjust the development list of the city's resource recycling enterprises in batches, step by step, and issue and implement the implementation plan for the city's waste resource recycling system.

  9. Give full play to the core supporting role of scientific and technological innovation

Implement a number of forward-looking and strategic energy-saving, low-carbon, zero-carbon, and carbon-negative frontier technology projects, strengthen research on disruptive technologies such as controllable nuclear fusion; actively cultivate a number of energy-saving, low-carbon and new energy technology key laboratories, technology Innovation center, R&D and transformation functional platform, professional technical service platform and carbon neutral research institution.

  X. Continue to consolidate and improve carbon sink capacity

   Steadily promote the Thousand Parks Plan, consolidate and improve the carbon sink capacity of forests, enhance the carbon sequestration capacity of marine systems, enhance the carbon sequestration capacity of wetland systems, and strengthen the basic support of ecosystem carbon sinks.

  11. Actively advocate green and low-carbon participation by all

  Deeply promote plastic pollution control, green transformation of express packaging, food conservation and anti-food waste. Hold the Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Technology, Products and Achievements Expo, build an industrial chain trade platform, and strive to become a benchmark carbon neutral theme exhibition with international influence.

  12. Promoting green and low-carbon regional actions

Support Chongming to promote the implementation of the "Chongming World-Class Ecological Island Carbon Neutral Demonstration Zone Construction Implementation Plan", build Shanghai Changxing Carbon Neutral Innovation Industrial Park, and support Baowu Group to promote the implementation of "China Baowu (Shanghai Area) Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality Action Plan” to promote Baoshan District and Baowu Group to jointly build the Shanghai Carbon Neutral Industrial Park.

  Thirteen. Strengthen the emission reduction of major pollutants

Continue to implement the equivalent or reduced substitution system for the total discharge of major pollutants in construction projects, explore the implementation of the system of paid use and trading of emission rights, fully complete the comprehensive improvement of the environment in the Jinshan area, implement the action of reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and increasing efficiency, and promote the development of ecological circular agriculture .

  14. Implement key pollution reduction projects

Continue to promote the phase-out of National III diesel vehicles, strengthen the special rectification of organic liquid storage tanks, promote the treatment of volatile organic compounds in crude oil product terminals and oil tankers, promote the construction of a number of sewage, sludge, domestic waste disposal and resource utilization projects, and continuously improve the environmental foundation Facility capacity and level.

  Fifteen, improve the policy mechanism of energy conservation and emission reduction

  Promote local legislation related to accelerating the green transformation of development methods, vigorously develop financial products and services such as green credit, green bonds, green funds, and green insurance, and promote the formulation and revision of local standards in the fields of carbon neutrality and energy conservation and emission reduction.

  16. Strengthen responsibility implementation and supervision of law enforcement

Carry out the mid-term evaluation of the "14th Five-Year Development Plan for Resource Conservation and Circular Economy in Shanghai", strengthen energy conservation and carbon reduction law enforcement inspections, resolutely curb the blind development of high energy consumption, high emission, and low-level projects, and continue to clean up and rectify virtual currency "mining" "Activity.

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