Germany's Sinn Power launches new tiltable mobile PV modules

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2023-05-13 08:55

A few days ago, as a German start-up company focusing on floating photovoltaics, Sinn Power launched a new SKipp tiltable mobile photovoltaic solution.

It is reported that this product does not need to be anchored on the ground, and is especially suitable for deployment in nature reserves and water source protection areas where ground anchoring or piling is not allowed.

Sinn Power says its solar modules can stay upright even in strong winds. These components can be tilted and are equipped with a pendulum to ensure that they return to a vertical position even in windy conditions.

Sinn Power said: "Even if the components are not anchored to the ground, the possibility of capsizing can be ruled out."

Systems equipped with this product can use bifacial solar modules that are vertical in the east-west direction, which improves output compared to traditional south-facing photovoltaic systems, especially in the morning and evening. The system can also generate more solar energy in winter, like other vertical photovoltaic installations deployed at high latitudes.

Founder and Managing Director Philipp Sinn explains: "With SKipp we have redesigned photovoltaic systems installed on open ground as well as agricultural photovoltaic systems, a photovoltaic solution that complies with the highest It provides customers with maximum flexibility and optimal power generation.” (This article is compiled from pv-magazine, please indicate the source for reprint)

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