A new world record of 33.2% was born! Saudi KAUST researchers set new efficiency record for perovskite tandem photovoltaic cells

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2023-05-13 08:53

The efficiency of the lab-tested perovskite/silicon tandem cell has set a new record, certified by the European Solar Energy Test Facility (ESTI) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Recently, researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia recorded a power conversion efficiency of 33.2% in a perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell, which they claim is a new world record for the technology.

The previous record efficiency level was a power conversion efficiency of 32.5% published by the Helmholtz Center (HZB) in Berlin, Germany in December 2022, and both this figure and the new Saudi record were verified by ESTI.

Stefaan De Wolf, interim deputy director of the KAUST Solar Energy Center, said that this new record, the highest PCE of any double-junction solar cell under non-concentrated light, demonstrates the great promise of perovskite/silicon tandems to deliver ultra-high performance photovoltaic modules, which is essential for rapid realization. Renewable energy targets are essential to combat climate change. In its release, KAUST said that perovskite tandem technology is expected to capture a $10 billion market share by 2032.

It is reported that although KAUST did not provide the size of the test unit, its researchers said that they are investigating ways to extend the technology to units exceeding 240c㎡.

(This article is translated and organized by Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network)

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