2.1GW! The world's largest single-capacity photovoltaic power station put into operation

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2023-05-13 08:52

It is learned from Energy China’s official microblog that recently, the 2.1GW photovoltaic project in Al Dhafra in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates achieved full-capacity grid connection. This project is the photovoltaic power station with the largest single capacity that has been connected to the grid in the world.

It is reported that Energy China Hunan Thermal Power participated in the construction of the project. The project is located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The project covers an area of more than 30,000 mu, and the designed DC side has a total capacity of 2,100 MW. It adopts the world's advanced photovoltaic power generation technology, and the power station performance and power generation efficiency are world-leading. After the power station is completed and put into operation, it can provide electricity for 160,000 households, helping Abu Dhabi reduce carbon emissions by 2.4 million tons per year, increasing the proportion of clean energy in the UAE's total energy structure to more than 13%, and contributing to the sustainable development of the UAE's national energy economy. Contribute.

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