Exhibition Express "Quancheng" is in love! Sunshine Energy went to Jinan Distributed Feast with innovative and efficient modules

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2023-05-12 18:55

From March 20th to 22nd, the 18th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference was officially held in Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. Sungrow Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Sunshine Energy") brought 8 innovative and high-efficiency modules to the exhibition site. 



During the exhibition, Sungrow's 3 N-type TOPCon innovative modules, 3 P-type PERC high-efficiency modules and 2 BIPV module products exhibited both artistic beauty and high-efficiency performance, which attracted many exhibitors to stop and appreciate.



Among them, the M10 78-piece double-glass high-efficiency module received special attention from the audience. This module adopts N-type TOPCon cell technology, and superimposes multi-busbar, half-cell and other efficiency-enhancing technologies to create a more cost-effective module product for customers. Provide a better experience. At the exhibition site, Sungrow Energy's cutting-edge clean energy solutions condensed the high popularity of the scene, and collided with Fangfei in March to create a "Spring City" love.



Faced with the continuous iteration and upgrading of the industry, based on years of N-type high-efficiency technical reserves, Sungrow Energy began to lay out the R&D and production of N-type TOPCon high-efficiency modules as early as 2018. The N-type TOPCon modules produced by Sunshine Energy have a comprehensive certification and testing system, all of which are tested by 3-10 times the IEC standard. At present, they have obtained many authoritative product certifications such as CQC certification, VDE certification, TÜV Rheinland certification and TÜV SÜD certification. It has been widely recognized; in addition, based on Sungrow Energy's perfect traceability management and quality management system, it has ensured that the quality of module products has always been at the forefront of the industry.



Sunshine Energy has never stopped exploring product technology up and down. Previously, Sungrow Energy and Shenyang Jianzhu University jointly established the "Sungrow Energy Shenyang Jianzhu University Photovoltaic Building (BIPV) Research Institute", and jointly applied for the National Natural Science Foundation of China "Zero-Energy and Zero-Carbon Building Design Theory and Key Technology Research in the Northern Region", and Through regular innovation seminars and science popularization, it has achieved good results transformation in project declaration, base construction, and basic research, realizing the deep integration of industry, education and research.

In the future, Sungrow will continue to adhere to the original intention and mission of green development, accelerate the development and production of high-efficiency components, and help the global economic green development.

Help the construction of green energy buildings and strive to become the leader in the BIPV industry.

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