List of 3.36GW key photovoltaic projects in Kunming: led by China Resources, Huadian and Three Gorges

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2023-05-12 18:40

On April 13, the Kunming Municipal People's Government Office issued a notice on printing and distributing the three-year action plan for the high-quality development of electric power in Kunming (2023-2025).

Work goals in 2023: In terms of power supply construction, build a power supply system dominated by green power in an all-round way, speed up the development of new energy and shift gears, increase the installed capacity of new energy to 1.3 million kilowatts throughout the year, and the total installed capacity of electric power in the city will reach 11 million kilowatts. The installed capacity of energy accounted for more than 85%, and the installed capacity of new energy storage reached more than 100,000 kilowatts, and the reliability of power supply was further improved. Non-fossil energy accounts for more than 40% of primary energy consumption, ranking in the advanced ranks among provincial capital cities.

Work goals in 2025: In terms of power supply construction, the new power system based on new energy will be further improved. The city's installed power capacity will reach 16 million kilowatts, green energy installed capacity will account for 90%, and new energy storage installed capacity will reach more than 400,000 kilowatts. Power supply capacity Further improvement, power supply reliability is further enhanced. Non-fossil energy accounts for more than 45% of primary energy consumption, and it is the first provincial capital city to achieve carbon peaking in the energy sector.

The notice pointed out that the construction of "scenery and water storage" multi-energy complementary base projects in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, such as Luquan County, Chijiu County, Luomian County, and Changpingzi County in Fumin County, should be accelerated. Promote Yiliang's new "pharmaceutical-light complementary" photovoltaic, Shilin Xijiekou photovoltaic and other "new energy +" projects to be put into operation and connected to the grid, and continuously improve the power supply capacity. By 2025, the city's new energy power generation installed capacity will reach more than 8 million kilowatts. Focusing on the promotion of rooftop distributed photovoltaic pilot projects throughout the county, actively explore the multi-scenario application of distributed photovoltaics such as building integration (BIPV), highway slopes, and airports. Combined with the development characteristics of various regions, develop and construct "photovoltaic +" projects according to local conditions, and strive to build a number of photovoltaic projects with ecological governance demonstration effects. Actively carry out research on decentralized wind power demonstration projects.

In the 2023-2025 list of key projects for the three-year action of Kunming's high-quality electric power development, the total number of photovoltaic projects is 3.3598GW.

From the perspective of project owners, among them, China Resources Group has the largest total project size of 1.06GW; Huadian Group and China Three Gorges Group are next behind, with 443MW and 310MW respectively; The scales all reach 200MW and above, and SDIC Power, China Energy Group, and Huaneng Group have also won. In addition, there are 700MW photovoltaic project owners in pending status.

See the table below for the owner's project scale:


The details of the photovoltaic project are as follows:

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