Taipei Public Library, Taiwan

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2023-05-12 14:20


Taipei Public Library North Branch is an environmentally friendly building. The building materials in the museum are either steel or wood, and the use of concrete is reduced, in order to reduce the damage and burden on the environment. The design of the whole building adopts the buoyancy ventilation generated by the high and low windows of the high-ceiling mezzanine, and with the gas exchange, the indoor temperature can be reduced by about 4°C. This can not only save electricity costs, but also bring in fresh air from the outside to reduce dizziness. Feeling drowsy.

In addition, the lightweight ecological roof equipped with solar photovoltaic panels can generate 16 kilowatts of electricity, which is equivalent to supplying 20% of the electricity consumption of the entire building at noon in summer. As for the sloping roof and grass slope design, the green roof can conserve water and reduce direct exposure to the sun; the rainwater collected by the sloping roof is used for watering plants and cleaning water, thereby achieving the reuse of water resources. The walls of the stairs in the middle of the first and second floors are made of waste materials from Yingge Ceramics Factory, which are ingeniously cut into layered ceramic facades. When the afternoon sun shines in, layers of colorful brilliance are revealed. It is also an environmentally friendly building material. Examples of utilization.

Finally, the library also captures rainfall to conserve water, and the roof is designed to capture rainwater and store it for use in the library's toilets.

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