G60 Science and Technology Cloud Gallery, Songjiang District, Shanghai

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2023-05-12 14:00

Located in the Songjiang District of Shanghai, the Science and Technology Cloud Gallery was conceptually designed by the world-renowned architect Raphael Vinori. The cloud gallery consists of 23 high-rise commercial office buildings with a total length of 1.5 kilometers. The roof is connected by a mesh roof of aluminum structure, which is lighter in weight than the steel structure. The design can not only reduce the structural burden of the project, reduce the consumption of steel, aluminum and other consumable materials, but also generate electricity for the use of buildings. When fully completed, it is expected to become the longest urban industrial corridor in the world.

The Cloud Corridor has undertaken two major national-level research projects. One is the National Science and Technology Support Program topic and demonstration project: "Research and Demonstration of Renewable Energy Utilization and Building Integration"; another major topic is the scientific research project of the State Grid Headquarters: "Research on Key Technologies for Coordinated Operation of Source-Storage-Load in Business Parks and demonstration".



The entire roof undulates like waves, with a drop of 18 meters between the crests and troughs, with a total area of about 150,000 square meters, which looks like a huge cloud corridor from a distance.



This roof is also a huge LED canopy, which can release technology + fashion information. At night, it is a bright landscape from a distance.


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