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2023-05-12 13:02


The Huawei Digital Energy Antuoshan Headquarters Project is located in Antuoshan, Xiangmihu Street, Futian District, Shenzhen. The building has 39 floors above ground, a building height of 186.80 meters, and a curtain wall height of 186.95 meters; Block C is a high-rise complex building with 21 floors above ground, a building height of 104.90 meters, and a curtain wall height of 105.05 meters.

A large number of photovoltaic curtain walls are used in the Antuoshan headquarters building project of Huawei Digital Energy, with a total area of about 28,000 square meters. It is one of the first buildings in the industry to use BIPV technology on a large scale; the project is currently the largest and highest photovoltaic power generation glass curtain wall in China The project is currently the world's largest photovoltaic curtain wall project and one of the world's largest "solar storage direct soft" near-zero carbon parks. According to estimates, the project can produce 1.5 million kilowatt-hours of photovoltaic green electricity per year, and the annual power consumption will drop from more than 14 million kilowatt-hours to 7 million kilowatt-hours, saving 50% of electricity annually and reducing carbon emissions by more than 60%.

The Huawei Digital Energy Antuo Mountain Headquarters project is a renovation project, which adopts a double-layer curtain wall design. The outer photovoltaic curtain walls of the four facades use cadmium telluride light-transmitting photovoltaic power generation glass developed and manufactured by Longyan Energy; the design of the double-layer glass curtain wall and During the construction, on the basis of retaining the original aluminum alloy doors and windows, a new photovoltaic power generation glass curtain wall was built on the outside. During the renovation process, a ventilation cavity was formed between the two layers of curtain walls. The bottom is a 400mm high perforated aluminum plate, the top is equipped with a ventilation beam, and the gap between the glass is used to leave a 30mm high ventilation channel, which not only ensures the appearance of the curtain wall, but also realizes the The interaction of internal and external fresh air.

In the process of optimizing the exterior facade of the project, the corners are beveled to make the overall body more elegant, the interface with the surrounding environment is softer, the virtual and the real are consistent, and the layers are clear. At the same time, the design of the double-layer curtain wall is also considered, and the two-color treatment of the outer curtain wall frame and the interior decoration lines is also considered. Among them, the enclosed aluminum panels in the interior and between the aluminum alloy windows are all white to weaken the visual impact brought by the outer curtain wall skeleton, and the photovoltaic curtain wall glass used in the outdoors is also dark-colored to form a unified tone.

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