Hainan Qishuiwan Tourism Resort Complex

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2023-05-12 12:59

  Cadmium Telluride Roof Photovoltaic Power Plant with "China Green Hair" LOGO

  Photovoltaic solar tracking shading system and fixed shading system using cadmium telluride photoelectric building materials


Transparent Photovoltaic Curtain Wall

Cadmium telluride transparent photovoltaic railing

 Cadmium telluride color transparent photovoltaic lighting roof


Hainan Qishuiwan Tourism and Resort Complex is the first zero-energy and zero-carbon demonstration building in Hainan Province. The compilation of the national standard "Zero-Carbon Building Technical Standard" plays an important role in technical support.

China Lvfa Wenchang Co., Ltd. and the China Academy of Building Research have carried out energy-saving and carbon-reduction technological transformation for the complex, systematically integrating solar shading systems, building photovoltaic integration, energy storage systems, AC and DC power distribution systems, high-efficiency air-conditioning and fresh air Comprehensive application of various building energy-saving technologies such as equipment and intelligent management platform systems, through various photovoltaic application forms such as photovoltaic curtain walls, photovoltaic lighting roofs, roof photovoltaics, sun-tracking photovoltaic sunshades, photovoltaic carports, photovoltaic chairs, photovoltaic trash cans, and solar street lights , to maximize the use of solar energy resources on the roof, facade and surrounding areas of the building.

After the project is put into use, the annual clean energy power generation will be about 910,000 kWh. After meeting all the electricity consumption of the project, 128,900 kWh of on-grid electricity can be realized. It is estimated that 530 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced each year, and the burning of 112 tons of standard coal can be reduced.

On September 20, 2022, the Qishui Bay Tourism and Resort Complex Project was officially put into use after the overall energy-saving and carbon-reduction technical transformation, and the project successfully obtained the "BRE Net Zero Carbon" and "Zero Energy Building" certifications. Zhou Zhi, the leader of the expert group and the dean of the School of Civil and Architectural Engineering of Hainan University, said: "The relevant research results of this project and the construction of demonstration projects will play an important role in supporting the promotion of 'double carbon' work in the field of urban and rural construction in our province. The promotion of zero-energy and zero-carbon buildings will also play an important leading role.”


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