Hainan Henghai Flower Island Film and Television Base

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2023-05-12 12:50

On May 8, 2021, the photovoltaic project of Hainan Henghai Huadao Film and Television Base achieved full-capacity grid connection.


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The project is located in the No. 1 film and television base of Henghaihua Island, Baimajing Town, Danzhou City, Hainan Province. Overlooking the base, multiple building photovoltaic systems are integrated with the building, which is beautiful and fashionable.



The project installs photovoltaic modules on the roofs of 4 studios, and connects to the 10 kV pre-installed switch station through a new 10 kV cable line, and connects to the power grid.



The annual power generation of the project is about 3.1875 million kwh, which can save 3.178 thousand tons of standard coal and deliver green and clean electric energy to Hainan Haihua Island.


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