Photovoltaic curtain wall of office building of State Power Investment Corporation headquarters

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2023-05-12 12:46

In urban centers, high building energy consumption is a common problem for every skyscraper, and the office building of the State Power Investment Corporation headquarters is no exception. Three directions of lighting from east to west and east to west make the overly enthusiastic sunlight bring amazing energy consumption. In midsummer, the power consumption of the air conditioner alone is as high as 15,000 degrees per day, and the electricity consumption is as high as 20,000 yuan per day.


The project makes full use of the effective area of the building curtain wall and roof, adopts photovoltaic power generation technology, and the transformed BIPV curtain wall has a total installed capacity of 170.66 kilowatts, 1,858 BIPV photovoltaic modules, and an average annual power generation of 126,900 kwh, saving energy consumption of 709,000 A kilowatt-hour can meet the annual electricity consumption of 1,000 families, and can drive an electric car for 4.4 million kilometers, which is equivalent to circling the earth 110 times.


  (The dark area is the BIPV photovoltaic curtain wall)


Compared with conventional coal-fired power plants, the project can save 275.8 tons of standard coal consumption, 99.84 tons of ash emissions, 101.5 tons of PM emissions, and 825.9 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to planting 45,000 trees in Beijing Financial Street. Deactivate 150 cars.


 (A closer look at the photovoltaic curtain wall on the facade of the office building)


After adopting the BIPV design, the surface area of a building is used to achieve multiple effects such as lighting, heat insulation, and power generation, so that building energy saving and consumption reduction and photovoltaic power generation have reached an ideal state of effective complementarity.



The energy-saving and consumption-reducing investment yield of the project is as high as 9.37%, and the photovoltaic power generation and energy-saving benefits can generate a cumulative income of 23.735 million yuan in the 25-year equipment cycle. If the high temperature subsidies saved by the government every year are taken into account, the economic benefits will be even more impressive.

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