Photovoltaic curtain wall of Guangzhou Art Museum

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2023-05-12 12:42

The start is the sprint! As an important part of the "three museums and one venue" and "one museum and one garden" project in Guangzhou, the project of the new museum of the Guangzhou Art Museum (Guangzhou Art Museum) has also entered the final sprint finishing stage. The reporter recently learned from an exclusive visit to the new Guangzhou Art Museum that the completion of the project has reached 96.5%, and it is entering the final stage. The contractor, Guangdong Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Construction Engineering") has set a goal of "sprinting for 80 days" and strives to complete the project by the end of May this year. According to official information from the Guangzhou Art Museum, the new Guangzhou Art Museum is scheduled to open within this year.

  The new Guangzhou Art Museum is located in the south of the Canton Tower, and its architectural shape is like a "blossoming hero flower".


  Photovoltaic curtain wall of Guangzhou Art Museum


The project of the new Guangzhou Museum of Art takes "Hero Flowers Blooming in Water" as its theme. It is located in the south of the Canton Tower, at the core of the new central axis of Guangzhou City, with a total construction area of 79,947 square meters. After passing Shuangta Road, a "blossoming hero flower" came into view, and the glass facade was shining brightly in the sun, which was very spectacular. At the construction site of the project, the workers are busy in full swing, transporting materials, stacking bricks and tiles, in a tense and orderly manner. According to reports, the completion of the project has reached 96.5%, and it has entered the final stage. The main building of the new museum is shaped like a blooming hero flower, consisting of 12 "petals" on 4 sides. Taking a closer look, each "petal" is made up of pieces of scale-like glass. "The inner layer of the glass is equipped with colored aluminum plates. When the lights are turned on at night, the color inside will show through, like a colorful 'hero flower'." Guangdong Construction Engineering project technicians described it this way. It is worth mentioning that the glass curtain wall is not only beautiful, but also made of solar photovoltaic glass, which is green and environmentally friendly. Entering the interior of the building, the five-story atrium is very shocking. The height of the atrium floor from the glass dome is 45.4 meters. The sunlight quietly penetrates the glass dome, spreading softness and warmth, which also gives the museum a temple-like sense of serenity. The project is divided into 5 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, and the floor height is more than 8 meters, which is suitable for displaying various artworks.


  Guangzhou Art Museum new building atrium glass dome


Cai Hongyu, the project manager of Guangdong Construction Engineering, recalled that the project team entered the construction site in October 2017 and stopped work many times due to the epidemic and other reasons. "Now that the project has entered the countdown to full completion, everyone's morale is high. Many workers feel that it is very meaningful to participate in the construction of such a difficult key project." Cai Hongyu is quite excited.


Cai Hongyu, who has been engaged in the construction industry for 33 years, told reporters that the project is considered difficult among domestic construction projects. According to reports, the "construction of the cable-membrane structure of the atrium dome" that is currently being organized and implemented is the key to the end. The cable-membrane structure is located at the lower part of the dome of the atrium, which plays the role of decoration and sunshade. It needs to be spliced before carrying out high-altitude operations. The operation is difficult, and it has become the biggest difficulty in construction at present. The construction period is about 30 days. "Because the architectural shapes are irregular, and even the pillars are inverted trapezoidal structures, the whole construction is not easy." According to reports, the most difficult part is the construction of the glass exterior walls.


"The shape of the building is a 'hero flower', and there are 12 'petals' on the four facades. These 12 'petals' are artificially assembled from 21,008 pieces of scale-shaped Longyan cadmium telluride photovoltaic glass. In order to reflect The curved effect of hero petals, the splicing of steel structure trusses and the collage of photovoltaic glass are closely intertwined. Once the error exceeds the standard, it will affect the curved surface of the entire glass curtain wall. The distance between the steel trusses and the error must be controlled within 2 millimeters. In the process, we invented the technology of "Array Bracket for Truss Assembly" to ensure the precise size and radian of the steel truss, and also obtained the utility model patent certificate." Cai Hongyu Introduced. In addition, due to functional requirements, the building height of the new building is as high as 8m-19.5m, and the height of the atrium floor from the dome is as high as 45.4m, making the construction difficult. Cai Hongyu said: "When assembling the dome steel reticulated shell at high altitude, we set up temporary buttresses as the fulcrum of the inner circle of the dome steel reticulated shell, and at the same time adopted the method of moving the steel operating platform in the circular direction instead of the traditional construction method of building a full hall scaffolding. The cost is saved, and the use process is safe and efficient. This technology has passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal of Guangdong Construction Industry Association and reached the domestic leading level."



Guangzhou Art Museum is an important part of Guangzhou's "three museums and one garden" and "one museum and one garden" projects. It is also an important measure for Guangzhou to build a world-famous cultural city and a "cultural Guangzhou". The development of Guangzhou's tourism culture is of great significance. The Guangzhou Art Museum, designed by the world-renowned architect Thomas Herzog himself, has the design theme of "Hero Flowers Blooming in the Water".

The Guangzhou Art Museum has a total construction area of 79,947 square meters and is located in the south of the Canton Tower. It is planned to be built into an international large-scale comprehensive art museum. The design scheme is like a blooming hero flower (kapok) independent in the center of the stretched water surface, and all exhibition halls surround a circular atrium. The logo design uses curved acrylic panels on both sides to hint at its architectural facade features, and red brush strokes are added at the bottom, symbolizing ink painting and Lingnan painting.

The beautiful shape design has brought a world-class and extremely complex curtain wall engineering system. The photoelectric curtain wall composed of cadmium telluride thin-film nine-grid photovoltaic power generation modules is the first in the world. In the construction of large venues, it is the first in the world; the project has a design service life of 100 years, and the overall curtain wall area is 70,000 square meters, including more than 20,000 square meters of photovoltaic curtain walls.

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