Beijing Expo China Pavilion BIPV

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2023-05-12 00:53

In 2019, at the World Horticultural Exposition in Beijing, China, the China Pavilion, covering an area of 23,000 square meters, was built along the water, showing a moon-shaped shape, named "Splendid Ruyi", which means good luck and good luck.


Beijing Expo China Pavilion BIPV


"When you see the huge golden roof of the China Pavilion, do you think of the golden glazed tiles on the Forbidden City?" The design of the giant golden roof incorporates the "factors" of green and technology, and 1024 translucent golden yellow tellurium tiles are installed The cadmium-based photovoltaic power generation glass adopts the mode of "spontaneous self-use, and the surplus is connected to the Internet", providing a steady stream of power support for lighting, scenery and other operations in the museum. The China Pavilion with the name of "Ruyi" subtly integrates grandeur and warmth. Viewed from the center of the square, the curtain wall composed of some photovoltaic glass is like a gorgeous coat, adding wishful brilliance.



But likewise, this ingenuity has also increased the construction difficulties. Because of the hyperboloid shape, almost no two glass curtain walls are exactly the same. This also means that the installation of glass curtain walls during the construction process must not make mistakes, and any wrong piece will have to be returned to the factory for reprocessing.


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