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2023-05-12 00:48

Beijing Lize SOHO is located in Lize Financial Business District, Fengtai District, Beijing. Its main function is office, with a total construction area of 172,800 m2, 4 floors underground, 45 floors above ground, and a total height of 200m. It was put into use in 2019 and has been completed in China Green building two-star certification and American LEED gold certification. Key technology:

§ Natural lighting technology

§ Natural ventilation technology

§ Whole-process BIM (Building Information Modeling) application

§ Double insulation glass curtain wall system design

§ Energy consumption sub-item measurement application

§ Reclaimed rainwater recycling

§ Photovoltaic roof

§ HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) application

§ Low-temperature hot water ground radiation heating system design

  Figure 1 Real picture of Beijing Lize SOHO


  Figure 2 BIM model of Lize SOHO


  Figure 3 Sustainable Design Strategy of Lize SOHO

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