Implementation Path of Zero Carbon Park

The park is the main carrier of industrial activities and can undertake the important task of industrial zero-carbon upgrading; the park gathers advanced elements and can become a zero-carbon breakthrough point and benchmark. As a cluster of industrial enterprises, the park has provided a large number of infrastructure and public services, and it has also become a major source of carbon emissions. According to public data, the park's energy consumption accounts for about 69% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and carbon emissions account for 31% of the country's total emissions. Therefore, it is an inevitable requirement and an important way for my country to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality at peak carbon to set the park as the foothold and tackling area for precise emission reduction, and to ensure the implementation of energy conservation, consumption reduction, quality improvement, and carbon reduction.




█  Realization Path of Zero-Carbon Industrial Park—Improving Energy System Efficiency



█  Realization path of zero-carbon industrial parks - making full use of natural resources


Make full use of local renewable energy as a supplement to the building energy system to maximize energy efficiency.

The energy scheme is limited by regional resources and geographical environment, and the system forms are changeable. The characteristics of different energy sources require multi-energy complementarity to maximize energy efficiency.






█  Excellent Case: Zero Carbon Park in Linjiang New District, Haimen, Jiangsu


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