BIPV crystal silicon imitation stone series components


Electrical performance parameters
model Sombra
Peak power (Pmax/W) 6565
Peak power voltage (Vmp/V) 21.9
Peak power current (Imp/A) 3.03
Open circuit voltage (Voc/V) 24.9
Short circuit current (Isc/A) 3.27


temperature characteristics
Nominal Operating Temperature (°C) 45±2
Temperature Coefficient of Peak Power (Isc) -0.348%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) -0.268%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Short Circuit Current (Pmp) 0.055%/°C


Operating conditions
Maximum system voltage (V) 1500V/DC
Maximum Fuse Rating (A) 20
Operating temperature (°C) -40~+80
Maximum static load on the front (snow load and wind load) (Pa) 5400
Maximum static load on the back (wind load) (Pa) 2400
Hail test (hail diameter/impact velocity) 25mm/23m/s


Mechanical parameters
Glass (material/thickness) Low iron tempered glass/6mm
Batteries (number/type/size) 36/single crystal half chip/182mm*91mm
Package (Material) POE
Junction box (degree of protection) ≥IP67
Cable length (length/conductor cross-sectional area) 300mm/4mm²/customizable
Connector (model/protection class) MC4/IP67
Component size 1200*589*13.5
weight 24KG
Packing A-Frame/Wooden Box


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